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The Research Centre for International Law and Human Rights (RCIL & HR) is a non-profit research institute with its headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands. The RCIL & HR is a constellation of highly qualified international lawyers and human rights experts that hold exceptional command not only over international law and international relations, but also in application of the same to the domestic law and foreign policy of Pakistan.

We specialize in conducting thorough research and review in relation to legal frameworks for some of the pressing issues in the world, in general, and in Pakistan particularly. This allows us to highlight gaps in the existing structures and propose solutions in the realm of law and policy.


We seek to:

Foster a culture of rigorous research and analysis in the field of public and private international law; intersection of law and policy concerning human rights; and issues pertaining to international law and human rights relevant to Pakistan.

Promote and protect human rights in Pakistan with a specific emphasis on areas and populations where severe and extensive human rights violations occur, more specifically towards minority and marginalized groups, such as ethnic, linguistic, and religious minorities; issues concerning gender; environmental conservation and climate change; democratic values; rule of law etc.

Provide legal advice, legal representation, and support in strategic human rights litigation before Pakistan’s national courts, as well as before international and regional courts and bodies.

Enhance policy formulations in Pakistan by improving capacity of various stakeholders and conduct commissioned research as part of the legal reform initiative at both the Federal and Provincial levels. And

Engage in academic research, policy analysis and capacity building to inform the discourse on the issues of national and international importance from a legal perspective and effect positive change.

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