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Custodial Torture and International Best Practices

Image Source: OMCT SOS-Torture Network, Pakistan takes first step towards making torture a crime < https://www.omct.org/en/resources/statements/pakistan-takes-the-first-step-towards-making-torture-a-crime > accessed 31 January ...
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Environmental Preservation in Pakistan: What Has Been Achieved?

Image Source: Regional Co-operation Council, Environmental Protection ‘Let’s go green’, < https://www.rcc.int/flagships/9/environment-protection > accessed 30 January 2023. Introduction "Look deep ...
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Juvenile Justice System in Pakistan

Image source: DAWN News Pakistan, ‘Juvenile justice system’ accessed December 26, 2022. Introduction Primarily, while different countries have different laws, ...
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Pakistani Provinces Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence

Image source: Arab News Pakistan, ‘In northwestern Pakistan, domestic violence up by 45% during coronavirus lockdowns’ (ANP, 15 March 2021) ...
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The United Nation’s Involvement in Jammu and Kashmir Dispute

Image Source: A woman looking out a window in Kashmir. Source: © Scorpionpooja02/Flickr, 2007. Background Under British colonial rule, the ...
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The Indus Water Treaty: Trans-Boundary Water Dispute in South Asia

The Indus River originates in Tibet and Afghanistan and flows through India and Pakistan.[1] British colonial rulers constructed an expansive ...
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