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The Research Centre for International Law and Human Rights (RCIL & HR) is a non-profit research institute with its headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands. The RCIL & HR is a constellation of highly qualified international lawyers and human rights experts that hold exceptional command not only over international law and international relations, but also in application of the same to the domestic law and foreign policy of Pakistan.

We specialize in conducting thorough research and review in relation to legal frameworks for some of the pressing issues in the world, in general, and in Pakistan particularly. This allows us to highlight gaps in the existing structures and propose solutions in the realm of law and policy.


Inter-State Dispute Settlement
International Human Rights Law
Investor State Arbitration

Our Team

Abdullah Mohsin

Chairman of the Executive Committee


Hammad Raza Sultan

Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee
Co-Director of Legal Affairs

Jawwad Raza Sultan

Co-Director of Legal Affairs
Director of Campaigns and Collaborations


Nawal Ramay

Executive Officer
Director of Research

Blogs & Publications

Custodial Torture and International Best Practices

Image Source: OMCT SOS-Torture Network, Pakistan takes first step towards making torture a crime < > accessed 31 January ...
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Environmental Preservation in Pakistan: What Has Been Achieved?

Image Source: Regional Co-operation Council, Environmental Protection ‘Let’s go green’, < > accessed 30 January 2023. Introduction "Look deep ...
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Juvenile Justice System in Pakistan

Image source: DAWN News Pakistan, ‘Juvenile justice system’ accessed December 26, 2022. Introduction Primarily, while different countries have different laws, ...
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Pakistani Provinces Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence

Image source: Arab News Pakistan, ‘In northwestern Pakistan, domestic violence up by 45% during coronavirus lockdowns’ (ANP, 15 March 2021) ...
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The United Nation’s Involvement in Jammu and Kashmir Dispute

Image Source: A woman looking out a window in Kashmir. Source: © Scorpionpooja02/Flickr, 2007. Background Under British colonial rule, the ...
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The Indus Water Treaty: Trans-Boundary Water Dispute in South Asia

The Indus River originates in Tibet and Afghanistan and flows through India and Pakistan.[1] British colonial rulers constructed an expansive ...
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No Honour in Killing

Image Source: Morocco World News, ‘Where is the Honor in ‘Honor Killings’?’ (MWN, 4 July 2020) accessed 25 June 2022 ...
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Water Scarcity in Pakistan and the Applicable Legal Framework

Image: Business Standard, ‘Water Crisis Looms Large in Pakistan, may face absolute scarcity by 2040’, <> accessed on May 23, ...
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The emotive issue of the religious minorities in Pakistan: convert or die?

Introduction “You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any ...
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Draft Guidelines for Corporate Social Responsibility for Marginalised Communities

Image Source: Fauxel, [image] (Pexels, November 2019) accessed 6 September 2022. Introduction and Scope 1.1 Diversity in the workplace has ...
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Better Late Than Never: The Criminalisation of Custodial Torture

Image Source: Ron Lach, An Introduction to Custodial Torture Pakistan’s formation and the years since have seen it attempt ...
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The Constitutional Framework for Right to Protest in Pakistan

Image Source: Daily Times "Islamabad admin denies allowing PTI long march at place decided by party" (25 May 2022, Daily ...
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Steps Toward Real Action: The Possibility of an International Criminal Tribunal on Kashmir.

Image source: ‘Big rally in New York’s Time Square slams Indian actions in Jammu & Kashmir’ (Daily Pakistan, 9 February ...
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Is Pakistan truly committed to ending impunity from victims of sexual assault?

Pakistan has been struggling with the problem of sexual misconduct throughout history. The criminalization of the conduct of sexual assault ...
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Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards and the Public Policy Exception: Article V (2) (b) of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards

The New York Arbitration Convention, formally known as the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, is ...
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After Reko Diq, Should Pakistan Develop Alternatives to ICSID?

Image Source (ICSID logo): ‘Supplementation of an Arbitration Award under the ICSID Convention’ [image] (ACERIS LAW, 3 November 2016) <> ...
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Status of Preventing Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Image Source: Akhtar Soomro, Reuters. People carry signs against the killing of Noor Mukadam, 27, daughter of former Pakistani diplomat, ...
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Kashmir and ICJ’s Advisory Jurisdiction

Pakistan has often pondered upon taking the Kashmir dispute before the International Court of Justice (‘ICJ’). However, the ICJ’s ability ...
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Legal Framework for Renewable Energy in Pakistan

Image source: Inga Spence/ Alamy Stock Photo, accessed on April 12, 2022. Introduction “The sky is falling”, cried Chicken Little ...
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The Challenging Case of Afghanistan at the International Criminal Court

Image Source: OnuItalia ‘Italy and other 70 states reaffirm support for ICC, a Court of last resort’ (2 November 2020) ...
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The classification of conflict in the Indian Administered Kashmir: An international or non-international armed conflict?

Image source: Map of Indian-Administered Kashmir, from BBC News, 6 August 2019, Introduction A conflict has been taking place ...
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Harassment of Women at Workplace: The Adequacy of International and Pakistani law

Image Source: Christophe Gowans, Sexual Harassment 101: What Everyone Needs to Know (theguardian, 16 October 2017) accessed 28 March 2022 ...
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Democracy and Defection

Image source: Samaa Web Desk, ‘Party positions in the National Assembly (SAMAA, 27 July 2018) <> accessed 16 May 2022 ...
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Role of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the Vote of No-Confidence

Image sources: Los Angeles Consumer & Business Affairs, Collecting Your Judgment (Los Angeles Consumer & Business Affairs, 18 March 2022) ...
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Self-determination, Intervention and Invitation: The Illegality of Russia’s Intervention Following the 2014 Referendum in the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions

Image Source: The Guardian News. A satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows burning apartment building in north-eastern Mariupol, Ukraine, ...
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Hamza Shahbaz: CM of Punjab or Faletti’s?

Image Source: The News International, the opposition elects Hamza Shahbaz as new CM Punjab, April 06, 2022. After the resignation ...
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Holding Non-state Actors Accountable for Crimes Committed in Afghanistan: The Case of Taliban

The Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court found that the Taliban and  other armed groups have committed international ...
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The No-Confidence Vote: Making Sense of the Constitutional Crisis

Image Source: Element5 Digital, [image] (Pexels, 15 January 2020) accessed 5 April 2022. Here is your simplified and unglorified factual ...
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A Review of Russia’s Military Escalation in Ukraine Under International Law

Image: Mariupol City Council showing a maternity hospital in Mariupol damaged by a Russian strike. Source:  BBC News, ’Ukraine war: ...
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Pakistan’s Incomplete Progress: The 2022 Anti-Harassment in the Workplace Act

Image source: Kate Lopaze ‘What are the different types of workplace harassment?’ [image] (TheJobNetwork)< > accessed 16 March 2022 ...
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Are the US Armed Forces Responsible for War Crimes in Afghanistan?

In 2014, the US Senate Intelligence Committee reported that the CIA had covered up its crimes by making false claims ...
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The PECA Amendment: Reputation or Right to Speak?

Image Source: Sridhar Potaraju, Right To Free Speech Versus Right To Reputation ( (livelaw, 15 January 2020) accessed 16 March ...
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