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The Research Centre for International Law and Human Rights (RCIL & HR) is a non-profit research institute with its headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands. The RCIL & HR is a constellation of highly qualified international lawyers and human rights experts that hold exceptional command not only over international law and international relations, but also in application of the same to the domestic law and foreign policy of Pakistan. We specialize in conducting thorough research and review in relation to legal frameworks for some of the pressing issues in the world, in general, and in Pakistan particularly. This allows us to highlight gaps in the existing structures and propose solutions in the realm of law and policy.


Job Description:
We are looking for interns/volunteers to engage in:
1.Legal research and drafting;
2. Academic research and publication;
3. Strategic human rights litigation;
4. Public interest litigation;
5. Awareness campaigns;
6. Assisting senior members of the association in work
related to object and purpose of the association; Etc.

The candidate:
1. Must be an undergrad law student or hold a bachelor’s degree in law, or undergrad student or bachelor’s degree in a related subject. Masters degree in law or a related subject is a plus.
2. Must possess knowledge or experience concerning international law and international relation.
3. Must be passionate about issues concerning human rights.
4. Must be skilled in conducting academic research.
5. Must have excellent communication skills in English, both oral and written.
6. Might be aware of human rights conditions in Pakistan.
7. Might be aware of international law issues relevant to Pakistan.


We offer a 6 month internship, which will be unpaid. You will be assigned to one of our research teams. You will be allowed to sharpen your skills vis-à-vis academic research and get yourself published at one or more of our publication platforms. You will also be given opportunities to hone your legal research and drafting skills in relation to some of the public interest and human rights cases of the Association. Moreover, you will assist other members in conducting awareness campaigns for some of the most pressing issues in the world, in general, and Pakistan, in particular.

interested candidates may send their resume along with a cover letter to: The candidates are hired on a rolling basis. So, early applications will be appreciated and preferred.

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